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Business | April 1, 2024

Ooredoo takes Qatar Airways to new heights with a Cloud Transformation through Microsoft Azure

Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications company, is set to revolutionise Qatar Airways’ operations through advanced cloud solutions powered by Microsoft. This marks a significant step in Qatar Airways’ digital transformation journey by harnessing cloud and enabling innovation through AI. The technology is set to enhance its operational agility, security and competitive edge in an ever-evolving and hyperconnected global landscape.
Qatar Airways chose Ooredoo as its trusted partner to develop a cutting-edge hybrid multi-cloud environment, paving the way for next-generation applications that will bolster the airline’s customer experience and business performance.
Qatar Airways will also leverage the scalability and agility of Microsoft Azure with Ooredoo’s bespoke private cloud setup, enhancing centralised data management, operational efficiency, and optimised IT solutions. Ooredoo’s significant role extends beyond infrastructure provision. The company will offer a robust network fabric for Microsoft Azure, synchronised with other network elements to support the comprehensive hybrid cloud environment tailored specifically for Qatar Airways’ unique business needs.
Speaking on this landmark partnership, Thani Ali Al-Malki, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo Qatar, said, “Our collaboration with Qatar Airways and Microsoft is a testament to Ooredoo’s commitment to driving digital transformation in Qatar. By leveraging Microsoft Azure and our robust network capabilities, we are not only enhancing Qatar Airways’ operational efficiency but also contributing to Qatar’s vision of a technologically advanced future. This initiative underscores our role as a leading Hybrid Cloud provider in the region.”
A.T. Srinivasan, Group Chief Information Officer at Qatar Airways, said, “With the evolving needs of our customers and our drive to provide exceptional customer experience, we are embarking on a digital transformation that will leverage the power of cloud technology, AI, and Analytics to bring business agility and operational robustness to our organization. Our partnership with Ooredoo and Microsoft to leverage Microsoft Azure public cloud will allow Qatar Airways to respond to our customers’ needs with innovative services, and coupled with AI and Analytics, offer them hyper-personalized experiences.
Qatar Airways is set to strengthen its position in the aviation industry by utilising Microsoft Azure to develop advanced applications enriched with AI, data analytics, IoT, and hybrid capabilities. Microsoft 365’s integration will further streamline productivity through cloud-based services.
This initiative aligns with Ooredoo’s aim to offer comprehensive hybrid cloud solutions, combining the technological excellence of public cloud infrastructure with the security and compliance of private cloud environments. Ooredoo continues to work with world-class technology providers, offering bespoke solutions that align with each organisation’s unique business objectives.