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Personal | June 2, 2024

Ooredoo Qatar Launches Groundbreaking “Clean Energy – Super Hybrid” Programme

Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator and ICT provider, is proud to introduce its pioneering “Clean Energy – Super Hybrid” programme. This state-of-the-art programme is designed to revolutionise energy consumption at Mobile outdoor sites, by diversifying a mix of eco-friendly energy sources, such as solar power and wind energy.

This programme was tested extensively through initial numerous Proof-of-Concepts in 2023 and 2024 and will predominantly utilise solar power during daylight hours while seamlessly switching among other energy sources as needed. This strategy will gradually reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lower the carbon footprint of mobile sites in Qatar.

Having been successfully piloted at various mobile locations, the “Clean Energy – Super Hybrid” system is proven highly effective and adaptable to Qatar’s unique environmental conditions. Ooredoo plans to implement this green initiative across all its mobile sites by 2026, aiming to save approximately 140 tonnes of CO2 and the equivalent of planting 21,000 trees at every site over 25 years. Beyond its environmental benefits, the initiative also stands to substantially reduce operational costs linked to fuel reliant towers.

These developments showcase Ooredoo’s commitment to the highest environmental, social, and governance standards and to playing a positive and leading role in shaping the future.