• Mobile Gaming

    Mobile Gaming

    Get extra data allowance to use towards selected games and Twitch, at Pro level. And redeem virtual coins to upgrade your gaming profiles with purchase of equipment for in-game avatars!

    Mobile gaming




    Gaming (GB)

    30 GB

    Coins - UP$


    Mobile gaming




    Gaming (GB)

    100 GB

    Coins - UP$

  • Gaming Data

    Gaming Data

    A data allowance that is dedicated to gaming services. Here are some of the incredible games available within your Gaming bundle. There are a lot more to discover and enjoy:

  • Gaming Credit – UP$

    Gaming Credit – UP$

    Get coins and upgrade your gaming profiles with purchase of equipment or in-game avatars. Enjoy the ultimate experience with your favourite games! [Games available]

How do I get gaming coins – UP$?

Once your Gaming add-on is activated, you will be entitled to get gaming coins – UP$ which can be used on your favourite games. To redeem your gaming coins follow the below steps:

Login in to the Ooredoo App and select “manage plan”

Move to Offers tab

Choose the offer under gaming coins section

Proceed to UPAR Gaming Coins and register your new account under your personal email to activate your Coins.

Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience!

Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Gaming data allowance can be used for selected games and services only. Data consumed on other games or services will be deducted from regular data allowance provided within a mobile plan or out-of-bundle rates.
  2. The games and services applicable for gaming data allowance are listed here – Ooredoo retains the right to revise and change list of games and services eligible for gaming data allowance every month.
    • Ooredoo cannot guarantee that the customer’s usage for the specific protocols defined will be from the subscribed bundle, for the following reasons:
      - Use of VPN, Proxy and Tunnels, which affect the identification of data traffic.
      - Possible changes, developments and/or improvements in Content Providers Network (related to protocols mentioned under this package) or Content Streams where it will take some time to develop platform signatures.
      - Moving contents into a different Content Provider Network by the content owners.
      - Embedding content in some other websites where the headers may change and therefore cannot be classified.
      - Using browsers or programmes which may modify traffic behaviour.
  3. Gaming Coins – UP$ can be redeemed through the Ooredoo App under the offers section. Once the offer is redeemed the customer will be redirected to UPAR to complete registration/login – Coins will be provided within UPAR website to redeemed against chosen game.
  4. Gaming Coins – UP$ will be provided within the UPAR website.
  5. The balance of Gaming Coins – UP$ is valid until the end of the billing cycle and will be renewed for each new billing cycle as long as the gaming add-on is active. An unused Gaming Coins balance will not be carried over to the next billing cycle.
  6. Each UPAR account is entitled to redeem one UPAR Gaming Coins – UP$ offer provided by Ooredoo. Multiple offers cannot be redeemed against the same UPAR account.
  7. The list of games eligible for gaming coin redemptions will be provided under UPAR Gaming Coins – UP$ App.
  8. General terms and condition of UPAR will be applied

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