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Claim your 2022 gift, including 2022 MB local data, 2022 local minutes, and 2022 local SMS from the Ooredoo App for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™rClaim your 2022 gift, including 2022 MB local data, 2022 local minutes, and 2022 local SMS from the Ooredoo App for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

What you get

We know that 2022 is a special year for all of us in Qatar – and that’s why we decided to give a special gift to our existing customers!

If you are already on an unlimited Qatarna or data plan, you will receive 2022 Nojoom points. All of this is for free, of course. There is no catch. Claim it now!

How to activate the Gift ?

  • Switch to Ooreedoo

    Just go to the Ooredoo App

  • gift

    Claim your gift in the What’s new section.

  • calander

    You can do it anytime between November 1 and December 18, 2022.

  • The activation is free, of course.

Ooredoo PlansOoredoo Plans

How it works

Shahry, Qatarna and Hala customers are all eligible

Benefits are valid for 3 days

Each Qatarna/Shahry line and each Hala QID can claim the gift once during the gift period

Gift period is Nov 1 – Dec 18

Go for it – claim your Ooredoo 2022 Gift now!

Claim it now!
  1. All redeemed bonus local data, local voice calls and local SMS allowances are valid for three (3) days only.
  2. The bonus allowances will be over and above existing standard allowances.
  3. The bonus allowances are not transferrable.
  4. The Nojoom Points received with 2022 Gift are valid for three (3) months only.
  5. Each QID/unique ID in Hala is eligible for one redemption. multiple lines under the same QID/Passport will not get the benefits for all the lines.
  6. If a Customers has multiple services under his account the following will apply
    1. Customer has 1 Shahry + 1 Hala – eligible for gift for both lines
    2. Customer has 1 Shahry + 1 Qatarna – eligble for local mins, data, SMS and Nojoom points
    3. Customer has 1 Qatarna + 1 Qatarna – Eligible for only one Nojoom points
    4. Customer has 1Hala + 1 Hala - eligible for only one line
    5. Customer has 1 Shahry + 1 Qatarna + 1hala – eligible for all lines
    6. Customer has 1 Shahry + 1 Shahry – eligible for both lines
    7. Customers lines need to be in active status to redeem the offer from the App
  7. Each customer can redeem the offer once during the promotional period.
  8. Offer will be available to new eligible Hala Line activations within 48 hours.
  9. Any new activation of Hala Line under the Hayya SIM will not be eligible for this 2022 Gift.
  10. All Terms and Conditions of the individual tariffs (C10-01 C11-01) apply.
  11. Nojoom Terms and Conditions Apply.
  12. Ooredoo General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services Apply.

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