You can now use WhatsApp to get in touch with us!

In yet another step on our journey towards digitalization, we’ve launched another digital channel through which you can to get in touch with us; WhatsApp!

From Monday 20 May, customers will now be able to contact us via the popular online messaging service, meaning yet more convenience whenever you need to talk to us.

Our Ooredoo WhatsApp account number is 4414 4414 and you’ll be able to use it to get in touch with us from 7am until 12pm, 7 days a week. During Ramadan, hours of operation will be 9am until midnight.

The new WhatsApp communication channel will be a response-only service; Ooredoo won’t ever use the channel to contact you directly, but will only respond when you initiate contact. Our account is verified as an official business account, so you can rest assured it’s safe and secure and you’ll be protected from spam.

We look forward to chatting with you on our new WhatsApp channel!