Ooredoo First In The World to Launch 5G Commercial Network

Ooredoo First In The World to Launch 5G Commercial Network

We’re receiving lots of questions and excitement about our 5G network – so we thought we’d break down the technical jargon for you all.

Ooredoo 5G is ready now, and we’re officially the first-in-the-world to launch it on a commercially available network.

Currently, we are able to use 5G through the apps that we are developing. We’re waiting for manufacturers to start producing 5G capable mobile devices. These don’t exist yet anywhere in the world. Once these devices are produced, we’ll be again first-in-the-world to make them available for immediate use, as our networks are well ahead with readiness.

We’re not just launching 5G in Doha however, we’re working to update 1,200 of our network stations, so that when devices are ready, everyone in Qatar can access our life-changing speeds without having to wait for the technology to roll-out. In fact, we’re aiming to update 100 network stations within the next three months.

We are already able to use the 5G network on specially adapted devices and test samples, such as home gateways, drones and other equipment – these ‘cases’ are world-firsts and we plan to have more 5G demos in the very near future.

More 5G-adapted devices will become available in the coming months and we look forward to sharing them with you in terms of public announcements, public trials and selected customer trials.

5G is not just about mobile internet speeds (although having our 5G service will mean accessing crazy fast download and upload speeds that would make 4G look like 2G) it’s about accessing a whole new digital lifestyle that will change your lives forever.

This milestone is a great step for IoT, or Internet of Things, applications that need extremely high speeds, and will pave the way for a host of smart technologies like smart cars, VR, AR and drones to be part of our everyday lives.

It would also have a hugely positive impact on many sectors like health and education, and on the entertainment industry, such as sporting events.

We hope that Ooredoo 5G is the beginning of a host of new applications introduced in Qatar that will make life easier for everyone, and that the applications already in use can be upgraded and streamlined.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest 5G news and continue to partner with the best vendors in the world, to bring you the latest technology first.