Standard Prices

Shahry Standard Tariff

The Shahry Standard line is just QR 50/month and we will charge you as per our standard tariff.
Local Rates All networks/ All day
Voice Call QR 0.35/min
Video Call QR 0.45/min
MMS (picture) QR 0.90/MMS
MMS (Video) QR 1.20/MMS
Mobile Internet QR 0.99/1MB
International Peak* 7am-7pm Sat-Thurs Off-Peak* 7pm-7am Sat-Thurs/ All Day Fri
Voice and Video Calls to GCC QR 1.8/min QR 1.30/min
Voice and Video Calls to all other countries QR 2.2/min QR 1.8/min
International SMS All Day
International SMS QR 0.60/SMS
International MMS (Picture) QR 1.35/MMS
International MMS (Video) QR 1.80/MMS

* Notes:

- A surcharge of QR 0.50 per minute Peak/Off-Peak is applicable to calls made to Greenland.

- A special case includes calls to satellite services such as in Marsat and Iridium.

- Calls to Iridium Local are charged at QR16 per minute Peak/Off-Peak. Calls to Skyphone are charged at QR36 per minute Peak/Off-Peak.

- Country-by-country specific calling rates (including all applicable surcharges) are available here.

- Rates may vary from time-to-time based on promotions, discounts and other circumstances. Ooredoo endeavours to ensure that we publish the most up–to-date rate information but we cannot guarantee accuracy of information presented via third parties or printed materials.

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