Salary Transfer

Payroll Service (Salary Transfer)

Did you know with the Ooredoo Payroll Service, powered by Qatar National Bank (QNB), your salary can be paid directly into your Ooredoo Mobile Money Wallet?!

The Ooredoo Payroll Service enables you to get your wages how you want, and means you worry less about carrying cash around, whilst having easy access to other Ooredoo Mobile Money services such as Money Transfer, Hala top-ups, etc.

Best of all, the service comes with a personalised debit card which can be used at ATMs and Point of Sales (POS) terminals, both internationally and in Qatar. The service is secure, safe and easy to use 24/7, and has instant features such as receiving your Payroll Service Card PIN by SMS.

Please note: the total daily cash-in limit for Ooredoo Mobile Money users is currently QR 10,000. This is counted as a combination of all types of wallet cash-in options including cash-in at Ooredoo Shops, through Self-Service Machines, Eazypay Transfers from QNB, and local transfers (P2P) to the Mobile Wallet.

Payroll Service

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