Quad Play
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The Perfect Business Bundle

Qatar’s first Quad Play business packages, which combine Fibre Business Broadband
free Ooredoo tv Business, Business Landline and Aamali 5G for mobile calling.

Business Benefits

Great value

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All-in-one solution offering high-speed broadband, reliable landline with free calling to local landlines & mobiles, free TV services and the best 5G mobile packs at an amazing price

Stay connected

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Always remain connected with your customers, vendors and employees anywhere, anytime! Liberate your communication from your office with Unlimited free calls to your Aamali mobile lines

Take your business digital

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Free domain name and web hosting space give all that it takes to take your business online! Aamali Mobile online portal and mobile app give you control and flexibility anywhere, anytime

Quad Play Plans


  • Quad-Play-Plan-Speed
    40 Mbps Fibre Broadband
  • Quad play
    Unlimited calls to your Aamali lines
    Unlimited calls to National Landlines
    400 minutes to National Mobiles
  • Quad play
    FREE Ooredoo tv Business
  • Quad play
    2 x Aamali 90Aamali

QR 949


  • Quad-Play-Plan-Speed
    100 Mbps Fibre Broadband
  • Quad play
    Unlimited calls to your Aamali lines
    Unlimited calls to National Landlines
    600 minutes to National Mobiles
  • Quad play
    FREE Ooredoo tv Business
  • Quad play
    4 x Aamali 90Aamali

QR 1434


  • Quad-Play-Plan-Speed
    500 Mbps Fibre Broadband
  • Quad play
    Unlimited calls to your Aamali lines
    Unlimited calls to National Landlines
    800 minutes National Mobiles
  • Quad play
    FREE Ooredoo tv Business
  • Quad play
    8 x Aamali 90Aamali

QR 2469

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  1. Termination liabilities will be applicable on a pro-rated basis in case services are terminated within the minimum contract term of 3 months
  2. Additional business landlines may be added (Business Landline 150 tariff). In this case, calls from all the added business landlines will also be free to all the Aamali Mobile numbers within the plan.
  3. The free minutes to national mobiles that are included in the Quad Play plan will be limited to the first business landline defined in the Quad Play plan.
  4. The installation charge for each of the Quad Play plans will be QAR 499.
  5. There are no charges for the equipment and the default Wi-Fi access point offered with the solution.
  6. Ooredoo tv Business connection is available for free by default with each plan and would be installed at the time of the broadband installation. The cost of the Ooredoo tv Ultra HD Set top box (STB) is QAR 350. The first STB is offered for free, however if the Ooredoo tv Business service is terminated within 24 months from the activation date, customers will have two options:
    • Pay the pro-rated part of its price (QAR 350) and keep the STB; or
    • Return the STB (in good condition) to Ooredoo without any additional charges.

    If the customer terminates the service after the 24-month period from the service activation he/she can either return the STB to Ooredoo or keep the STB at no extra charge.
    For any additional STB , the connection charges will be QAR 100 per month (this includes STB and Ooredoo tv Business service).
    Add-on TV Packages of Ooredoo tv Business will be charged extra. Please click here https://www.ooredoo.qa/portal/OoredooQatar/ooredoo-tv-business?locale_name=en to find more info on the Ooredoo tv Business service and the available packages.

  7. The minimum number of Aamali Mobile connections with each of the Quad Play plans is an Ooredoo recommendation only to make the best use of the available features of the offering. There is no obligation for the customer to purchase any number (including the recommended number) of Aamali plans. To find more info about the Aamali mobile 5G plans please click here: https://www.ooredoo.qa/portal/OoredooQatar/aamali-mobile-plans
  8. The Business Fibre Broadband Plans - 40Mbps, 100Mbps and 500Mbps - included in the Quad Play offers can be purchased as a Triple-Play offer. To find more info about the Business Fibre Broadband Plans please click here: https://www.ooredoo.qa/portal/OoredooQatar/business-broadband


  • World-class Fibre Internet with Unlimited Data Usage
  • Free Broadband-WiFi equipment
  • Free domain name, web hosting and DNS Security
  • Ultra reliable with amazing voice quality
  • Free calls to local landlines and to your Aamali Mobile lines
  • Up to 800 free minutes for calls to local mobiles
  • A complete service from a single provider
  • More than 140 free channels
  • Superior HD and 4K viewing
  • Great value packs offering control and a wide range of options
  • Unlimited free minutes between your Aamali mobiles
  • Online portal and mobile app for quick activation of services

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Domain Name and Web Hosting

  • Create your online identity by locking your company’s web name (for example www.my-company-name.com.qa)
  • 2GB free web space to host your website


DNS Security

  • Bundled DNS security to protect from malware, botnets, and ransomware


Ooredoo tv Business

  • Already activated for FREE over your Business Broadband fibre line! Click here for more info.
  • Ooredoo tv Business is a complete service from a single provider! No need for multiple expensive services by different tv satellite providers with complex installation, antennas, equipment, and maintenance.
  • Ooredoo tv Business is offering enhanced TV viewing in public areas, such as retail shops and cafes, or in private areas, such as in corner offices or off-site work cabins.
  • Offer to your employees and customers Qatar’s widest range of high-definition and 4K TV channels.


Aamali Mobile 5G

  • Aamali Online Portal is offering full visibility and complete control of your accounts and the flexibility to change your usage as you need anytime.A unique interactive experience, all in real-time!
  • Through the portal, customers can activate add-ons, change credit limits, identify/group services and issue/follow up on complaints.
  • Best of all, our real-time portal grants full control and authorisation to your selected business administrator.
  • Ooredoo Business Mobile App gives to your users a snapshot of their usage and allows them to communicate their personal needs to company admins for add-ons, activation of services, and much more!
  • Click here for more info.

Additional Wi-Fi devices and Smart Wi-Fi as a service so that you increase the Wi-Fi coverage and signal in your premises. Get useful customer insights derived from Wi-Fi usage, and plan campaigns that can increase your customers’ engagement and satisfaction.Click here for more info.


Monthly Fee

Minimum Tenure

Additional Wi-Fi Access Point

QR 25

24 months

Smart Wi-Fi (incl. one access point)

QR 149

36 months


  • Are you finding it difficult to manage your network with multiple devices for Routing, Wi-Fi and Security?
  • Do you have multiple sites running critical applications like ERP, Point of Sale transactions and Voice?
  • Is your growing network adding operational complexity?
  • Are you looking for improved service availability for your fibre broadband links?
  • Do you want to activate remote workforce, enabling your staff to access office resources while working from home?

Business EDGE

Activate Business EDGE as an add-on to your broadband service for guaranteed security, operational efficiency and high performance. The ideal solution based on Software Defined network technology integrated in a single device at your site! With prices that start at only QR149 per month!

Upgrade your broadband with Business EDGE now!
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