Orbi Wi-fi System

Wi-Fi coverage like never-before!
Experience the award-winning home Wi-Fi system by Orbi

Are you experiencing low Wi-Fi coverage at home?
Then check out NETGEAR’s Orbi Wi-Fi system!
Orbi is one of the fastest routers in the market as it carries Tri-band AC3000 technology, covers more than 6,000 sq. ft. of space, and can connect more than 20 devices at once!


One Wifi network name

Covers up to 20 devices all at once

Simple & secure

Your home covered

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Orbi Satellite Add-on

Additional satellite for extra coverage
QR 720

Orbi WiFi System

QR55 month
/24 months

QR 1320

Orbi WiFi System

QR110 month
/12 months

QR 1320


Things you need to know!

The NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi system comes in a dual pack, comprising of a router unit and a satellite. When installed, the router will connect to the satellite to distribute internet to the entire house.

The NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi system is available now in all Ooredoo Shops.

To make the service affordable for new Fibre Home customers, you can purchase the devices on a monthly payment plan of 12 or 24 months*.

For existing Fibre customers, just visit any Ooredoo Shop and purchase NETGEAR’s Orbi Wi-Fi System upfront for QR 1,320.

*Monthly payment plan of 12 or 24 months is only available for new Fibre Home customers

The NETGEAR Orbi app makes it easy and intuitive to set up and manage your Orbi WiFi system. You can quickly install and configure your Orbi network – just connect your mobile device to the default Orbi WiFi network, and the app walks you through the rest, step-by-step.

Orbi is losing connection, what shall I do?
Just contact us on ‘111’ or pop into any Ooredoo Shop and our staff will gladly assist you.
How can I order this device?
Just visit any Ooredoo Shop with your QID and our staff will create an order and provide you an appointment date when our professional installers can visit and install the services.
Will I be charged any additional monthly fees?
No, however if you change plans your monthly bill will reflect the selected plan price.
What is the equipment that will be installed in my house?
If a broadband Wi-Fi device and a set-up box has already been installed at your house, then the installer will only plug in the Orbi router and satellite.
Will I be able to get network in my Majlis?
Absolutely. Simply inform the installer about the areas where you get the least connection (such as the Majlis), and the installer will recommend additional satellites if required.

Our professional installers will connect your home to our superfast Ooredoo Fibre network and take care of all the internal cabling and installation of the equipment necessary for our Fibre Home services.

Best of all, our internal cabling is hidden behind your internal walls, meaning no unsightly wires and less tripping hazards to keep your family safe.

Our installation team will deliver your Orbi device router and demonstrate the services before leaving your house