Ooredoo WallPost ERP

Transform your business and reach your full potential with WallPost ERP!

Introducing Ooredoo’s key offering in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space, WallPost ERP, which can integrate your back-end business and financials!

Using one central dashboard tool, your executives can gain full visibility and one version of “the truth” of your business. With real-time decision-making, you can “work smart, and work fast” enhancing your productivity, efficiency, costs.

With the latest information at your fingertips, you are never out-of-touch with your business and you benefit from intuitive apps available for both iOS and Android devices. WallPost ERP provides the flexibility of incorporating many business modules and services such as:


Also, WallPost ERP solution has dedicated vertical specific functionality as per your line of business for Retail, Construction, Real Estate, Legal, Advisory & Consultancy, Auditing.


Verticals Specific:


Qatar’s organisations of all sizes and industry verticals can leverage WallPost ERP’s digital core as the foundation for their cloud-based digital transformation journey. Ultimately, WallPost ERP can be the game-changer to boost your business competitiveness.

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