Terms & Conditions of Use


  1. Contents of Ooredoo Sports

Ooredoo Sports is a virtual assistant created with the aim of interacting in real time with the User to provide him/her with responses to the information he/she enters into the different services the platform houses. More specifically, the services from which the User may interact with Ooredoo Sports include:

Ooredoo Sports classifies and records the Users’ activity under a unique identification number to ensure the User’s security and identity. The number assigned depends on both the session and the service from which the User interacts. Hence, different identifiers may be assigned to the same User if he/she uses Ooredoo Sports from several services.

Furthermore, if the User grants his/her consent, Ooredoo Sports may analyse the information the User includes in the virtual assistant to record a historical log of interactions, identify interests and thus optimise the responses, and send the user information which Ooredoo Sports creates that is of interest to him/her.


  1. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use

The User undertakes to use the contents offered on Ooredoo Sports (“Contents”) diligently, properly and legally, and in particular undertakes to refrain from (a) using the Contents in a way or for purposes or effects which are against the Laws of the State of Qatar (the “Law”), morals, generally accepted good customs or public order; (b) reproducing, copying, distributing or allowing public access through any kind of public communications, or transforming or changing the Contents, unless authorisation thereof by the holder of the corresponding rights has been granted or where it is legally allowed; (c) deleting, evading or manipulating the copyright and other identification data.

The use of Ooredoo Sports by a third party grants to said party the condition of User and involves full acceptance by said User of each and every one the terms and conditions contained in this Legal Disclaimer.


  1. Terms and Conditions of Use of Ooredoo Sports

The User undertakes to use Ooredoo Sports in accordance with the Law, these Terms and Conditions of Use and any other notices, rules of use and instructions he/she is made aware of, as well as with morals, generally accepted good customs and public order.

The User undertakes to refrain from introducing programs, viruses, macros, ActiveX controls or any other software device or sequence of characters that causes or may cause any kind of alteration to the computer systems belonging to Ooredoo or to third parties.

By utilizing Ooredoo Sports, the User confirms that he/she is at least 18 years of age.


  1. Liability Scheme

4.1. Liability for the Use of Ooredoo Sports

The User is solely liable for any infringements he/she may commit or any damages he/she may cause resulting from the use of Ooredoo Sports. Ooredoo, the group’s companies and its collaborators, employees and representatives will be held harmless from any kind of liability which may arise as a result of the User’s actions.

Ooredoo will make every effort and use all reasonable means to provide up-to-date and accurate information on Ooredoo Sports. Nonetheless, Ooredoo extends no warranty regarding the absence of errors or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the contents that can be accessed through Ooredoo Sports.

The User will be held solely liable for any claim or legal action, either in or out of the courts, brought by third parties against Ooredoo based on the User’s use of Ooredoo Sports. Where appropriate, the User will incur any expenses, costs and indemnities imposed on Ooredoo as a result of such claims or legal actions.

4.2. Liability for the Operation of Ooredoo Sports

Ooredoo disclaims any liability which may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone outages or disconnections in the electronic system’s operation as a result of causes beyond Ooredoo’s control.

Ooredoo likewise disclaims any liability which may arise from delays or blockages in the way this electronic system operates caused by deficiencies or overloaded telephone lines or the Internet, as well as any resulting from damages caused by third parties through unlawful interferences beyond Ooredoo’s control.

Ooredoo may temporarily suspend access to Ooredoo Sports without any prior notice as a result of development, maintenance, repair, updating or enhancement operations.

Should Ooredoo Sports contain links or hyperlinks to other portals or websites that are not managed by Ooredoo, Ooredoo states that it does not exercise any control over said sites and will therefore not be held liable for their contents. Any links which Ooredoo Sports may contain are offered solely as informative references without any kind of assessment regarding their contents, owners, or the services or products offered from them.

In any event, Ooredoo disclaims any liability arising from the services provided by said third parties from any kind of claims or lawsuits that may be brought concerning said services.


  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Except where indicated otherwise, all the contents offered through Ooredoo Sports are the exclusive property of Ooredoo, including, but not limited to the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs and any other elements which appear on Ooredoo Sports. Likewise, all the trade names, brands or distinctive signs of any kind contained in Ooredoo Sports are protected by the Law.

Ooredoo does not grant any kind of licence or authorisation of use to the User regarding its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other right related to Ooredoo Sports and the services offered on it.

Hence, the User recognises that reproducing, distributing, commercialising, transforming and in general any other way of exploiting by any other procedure all or part of Ooredoo Sports contents constitutes an infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights belonging to the company or the owner of said contents.

The User may solely and exclusively use the material which appears on Ooredoo Sports for his/her own private personal use and is forbidden from using it for commercial purposes or in unlawful activities.

Reproducing, distributing and publicly communicating all or part of Ooredoo Sports’ contents, including its availability mode, for commercial purposes on any media or through any technical means without the explicit consent of Ooredoo is expressly forbidden. The User undertakes to observe the intellectual and industrial property ownership rights held by Ooredoo.

Ooredoo  will safeguard fulfilment of the aforementioned terms and conditions and the proper use of the contents presented on Ooredoo Sports by exercising all the civil and criminal actions it is entitled to in the event of an infringement or violation of these rights by the User.


  1. Data Protection

Any personal information or data which is provided to Ooredoo through the usage of Ooredoo Sports shall be handled in accordance with the Law and as may be further outlined in Ooredoo’s (1) General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services and (2) Privacy Policy. These documents are available for review on Ooredoo’s website ( Any queries regarding Skype, Google or Facebook’s handling of personal information or data should be directed to the relevant service provider.


  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Ooredoo and Users of Ooredoo Sports subject themselves to the jurisdiction and the courts and tribunals which correspond to them according to the rules of procedural distribution.