What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the new and latest standard of Wi-Fi which carries multiple improvements in our daily usage and streaming to meet the emerging trends and customer needs.

Benefits of Wi-Fi 6 in your everyday life

Wi-Fi 6 now enables customers to stream 8K videos, while in the existing devices in the market can stream 4K videos. Thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 technology customers can stream videos, play video games and upload their Snapchat stories without worrying about internet interruption. Up to 12 deceives can stream at the same time.

The new Wi-Fi 6 technology is capable of a connecting up to 4.2 Gbps of speed! Which is 140% times faster than the existing devices in the market.

The bigger the household, the more devices will be connected to the internet, and with Wi-Fi 6 that wouldn’t be an issue anymore, as more customers can connect up to 40 devices at once, while existing Wi-Fi devices in the market can connect only 20 devices. This will give space for your Smart devices, such as security cameras and baby monitors etc.

The new Wi-Fi 6 uses the technology that delivers increased Wi-Fi signal ranges and better coverage by dividing each wireless channel into smaller sub-channels. Thus reducing bandwidth that will improve the range by 80%. This will result in lower dead Wi-Fi zones in the home.

The new WI-FI 6 can help to reduce the power consumption of all your mobile devices. The Target Wake Time (TWT) feature allows devices to sleep when there is no need for router communication, reducing power consumption by up to 7X to give significantly improved battery life.

How can I get this device?

WiFi 6 technology in Ooredoo will be supported by Orbi 750 router. In order to obtain the new Orbi 750, you will have to onboard to our 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ooredoo ONE plan.


How it works?

The Wi-Fi 6 system comes in as a standalone hub or a dual pack, comprising a router unit and a satellite. When installed, the router will connect to the satellite to distribute internet to the entire house.


Our professional installers will connect your home to our superfast Ooredoo fibre network and take care of all the internal cabling and installation of the equipment necessary for our fibre home services.

Best of all, our internal cabling is hidden behind your internal walls, meaning no unsightly wires and fewer tripping hazards to keep your family safe.

Our installation team will deliver your Orbi device router and demonstrate the services before leaving your house.