MoneyGram Raffle Draw

Win cash with Ooredoo Money and MoneyGram with
a prize fund of QR4,000 daily!

Simply send a transfer using MoneyGram Cash Pick-Up via Ooredoo Money to enter the daily raffle draw. Each day there are ten cash prizes on offer; five prizes of QR100 each, three prizes of QR500 each and two prizes of an incredible QR1,000 each!

Lucky winners will have their prizes transferred directly to their Ooredoo Money Wallet

What are you waiting for? Send your MoneyGram Cash Pick-up transfer now!

This promotion is valid from 21/22 March until 15 May 2021

How to enter raffle draw:


Select ‘Send Money’


If you have a recipient as ‘Cash Collection · MoneyGram’ then select it and complete the transaction.


If you do not have a recipient as ‘Cash Collection · MoneyGram’ then select ‘Add a new Recipient’ and select ‘International Transfer’


Select the country you wish to send


Select ‘Send cash to pickup’ by MoneyGram


Add the recipient details


Enter the amount to transfer & confirm


  1. Dial *140#
  2. Enter mPIN
  3. Choose “2. For International Money Transfers”
  4. Choose “1. Send Money”
  5. Choose respective MoneyGram cash beneficiary

If no MoneyGram cash beneficiary then choose “1. Add New”

  1. Choose “4. MoneyGram”
  2. Choose “1. Sender (nationality)”
  3. Chose “2. Cash Collection Local”
  4. Confirm the details and choose “1. Confirm”
  5. Enter first name, middle name (if applicable) and last name
  6. Choose the relevant ‘Relationship with the Recipient’
  7. Enter the Alias name for the beneficiary
  1. Choose the beneficiary
  2. Choose 1 to accept the MoneyGram terms and conditions
  3. Choose the relevant purpose of transaction
  4. Choose the source of funds
  5. Enter the amount to transfer and confirm.


Daily 10 customers to win cash back through raffle draw into their Ooredoo Money wallet

  • 2 winners worth QR 1,000 each
  • 3 winners worth QR 500 each
  • 5 winners worth QR 100 each


Check the winners list
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