Ooredo ICT Solutions

Ooredoo ICT Solutions

At Ooredoo, we understand your objectives as a business and we recognise that you face challenges. It’s our aim to design effective solutions that help you achieve your objectives and manage these challenges. Whether you're looking to boost productivity, transform your business with data-driven insights and the power of automation, or you want to benefit from world-class expertise and technologies, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

What we offer

Hosting Services
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Managed Security Services
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Internet of Things (IoT)
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Collaboration Services
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Why Ooredoo

We’re market leaders in the ICT sector. We know our business customers, we understand your requirements and we work tirelessly to help meet your needs.

Best-in-class technology
Complete scalability to support growth and the evolving needs of your business
Complete flexibility to tailor solutions and stay abreast of technology development
Unmatched service quality
The best value-for-money propositions
Highly skilled, fully trained staff and experts across all ICT areas
An ecosystem of leading global technology partners
Complete localisation of infrastructure and 24x7 support, aligned with local regulation and compliance

Latest ICT solutions

Cloud Backup

Bolster your data protection with the Ooredoo Cloud Backup service!

Web Application Firewall

A fully managed cloud-based service designed to protect your digital presence and assets from cyber-threats

Asset Management

Gain full visibility and real-time insights on the performance of your assets.

Benefit from the Ooredoo Advantage