Kingdom Travel Services (KTS)

Kingdom Travel Services (KTS)

Kingdom Travel Services (KTS)

Kingdom Travel Services (KTS) is the UK capital’s premier chauffeur and concierge company. We enjoy close links to all London Airports and Private Airfields and are well versed with vast experience in various embassy protocols. With over a decade of experience, we have achieved a wide base of clients which range from embassies, royalty, high net-worth individuals, corporations, hotels, to many satisfied individual and family customers which currently hold accounts with us.

Our services include:

  • Chauffeur Services Hotel Reservations
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Cargo Services
  • Security Arrangements
  • Private Aviation

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For Further Assistance:

Contact Telephone: +44 755 779 1982
Land line: +44(0) 208 396 6738

Email: [email protected]


All Nojoom members will earn 1 Nojoom Point for every QR 1 spent at Kingdom Travel Services.

Here is how it works:

  • Upon reservation and payment, member must inform staff that he is a Nojoom member.
  • Staff member will ask for the QID to be entered in the system. If the member doesn’t have his/her QID with him/her, the member must bring it along with the invoice up to 1 month from the day the purchase was made to earn Nojoom Points.
  • The member will receive the stamped invoice with his QID to keep it in case of any retro claims.

Terms and conditions:
  • Extra passengers are allowed the maximum of 1 luggage and 1 hand luggage each, which is included in the price of £130.
  • Extra luggage will be charged on the rate of £8 per luggage.
  • Service is non-refundable - 72h notice is required if they wish to cancel or change details, they can do any time before the 72h