International Top-Up Service

International Top-Up Service

The Easiest Way to Send Credit Back Home

Ooredoo's International Top-Up (ITU) service is a useful, fast and easy way to send a gift to friends and family back home. Quite simply, you send credit from your Hala or Shahry account here in Qatar directly to another mobile number in another country.

Our service reaches out to India, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many more countries connecting with a number of different local operators. For the full list of countries :

List of Operators


Here's how ITU service works:

Sender in Qatar
Reciever in Destination Country
To: 92266

From: 92266

Select the denomination that you wish to transfer:
1. Rs 50 = QR 5
2. Rs 100 = QR 11
3. Rs 200 = QR 21
Reply with 1 , 2 or 3
From: 92266

You are about to send 100 INR to +91XXXXXXXXXX. You will be charged QR 11 and fee QR 0.5.
Reply with Y to confirm or N to cancel.
From: 92266

You have successfully sent 100 INR to +91XXXXXXXXXX.
You have been charged QR 11 and QR 0.5 as service charge <Ref: 14789126>.
From: 77777


You have recieved Rs 100 from +7948888888
Thank you for using Ooredoo ITU Service.
SendBack ReplyBack ReplyBack ReplyBack
Step 1: SMS 'Send' followed by the recipient's number (with the relevant international dialing code) to 92266.So if you want to send Rs 100, send '2' to 92266. Step 3: Check the transaction details and confirm
if the details are correct, send 'Y' to '92266'. The credit will be transferred from your Hala/Shahry account.
If you want to change the details, send 'N' to 92266 and the transaction will be cancelled.
Step 4: Both Sender and Receiver receives confirmation SMS.
Steps 1 2 3 4
Things you need to know!
Hala Customers:
Shahry Customers: