IoT Connect

IoT Connect

Your personal access to the Internet of Things

One of Ooredoo’s key offerings for businesses is IoT Connect, which
supports managed connectivity. The solution enables companies to
track and managed all their networked devices, tracking tools and
products online, measuring data bandwidth consumption and flagging
international roaming connections.


Managing connectivity with IoT connect

IoT Connect Manager

At its heart is a powerful administration platform – the IoT Connect Manager, which gives you control of all your connections. Customers can access the platform with a browser or integrate into their own IT environments via an application programming interface. In addition, you can define alerts to inform you immediately when something goes wrong.

Benefits at a glance

More control

  • Central overview of all connectivity information
  • Easy processes for SIM ordering, provisioning and controlling during its life cycle
  • Alerts in case of predefined events like rising costs or suspicion of fraud and misuse

More flexibility

  • Adapted pricing options to suit your business needs
  • Easy booking of additional connectivity services
  • The right SIM for every use – even under harsh conditions
  • Simple integration into your IT environment thanks to open API

More service

  • Secure and reliable networks with a global reach
  • Highly specialised 24/7 support
  • Hosted in the cloud – no need to build up an additional IT infrastructure


There’s nothing standing in the way of your entry into the networked world! Contact us today.

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