How to switch to Ooredoo?

How to switch to Ooredoo?

Bring your number to Ooredoo in 2 easy steps.


Apply at an Ooredoo Shop


Send an SMS


Send an SMS

Send an SMS to 151 with the word “SWITCH” or “نقل”. This text must be done from your Vodafone SIM card and will cost you 1 Dirham.

After you have completed the forms and sent the SMS to 151 you’ll get a confirmation message that we have received your application and we are processing the transfer.


As a Corporate Customer, please feel free to call us directly on 800 8000 and get in touch with our team to help you make the transition as smooth as possible. We will help you complete the Application Form(s).

You can also choose to come to one of Ooredoo’s Shops or Business Centers and you can fill out the application form.

You will need to present the company documentation used when your company signed up with Vodafone. We may also require additional documents to bring your numbers to Ooredoo.