Hadarah Perfumes

Hadarah Perfumes


Hadarah is a luxury high end perfumes brand created in Kuwait. Hadarah means civilization in Arabic and our objective is to take our customers into a journey through the diversity of our civilizations.

The vision and mission of Hadarah is to pay tribute the perfumes industry highlighting the influence of West and East throughout civilizations “We are not only creating perfumes but making a civilization’’ – Hadarah founders.

Since the beginning of Hadarah journey started in Middle East, we wanted to emphasize on the influence of East and particularly the Arab World in the perfumes industry highlighting how the Arab World contributed to the success, richness and diversity of perfume industry.



Porto Arabia , Parcel 18 , Fountain Roundabout , Pearl Qatar

Tel: 40016422

Mob: 50008163


AlHazm Mall

Tel: 44142414 

Mob: 66450555

Email: [email protected]


Doha Festival City Mall

Tel: 44166446

Mob: 55283855

Email: [email protected]



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Terms and Conditions:

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