Fnac is a French retail chain specializing in all things culture, leisure and technology. With over 600 stores around the world, Fnac offers customers the best in products, service, advice and support. Customers are encouraged to read, participate in events, display personal art and participate in entertainment opportunities.

Fnac is more than just a store. It is a cultural hub and melting pot for like-minded individuals to come together and celebrate in a relaxed environment that appeals to one and all. Fnac also organizes thousands of cultural events every year, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to give as many people access to all forms of culture.


FNAC - Lagoona Mall
Ground Floor
66 West Bay Lagoon Street, Doha
Call Center 4436 2222

FNAC - Doha Festival City
First Floor
Umm Salal Mohammed, Doha
Call Center 4436 2222


All Nojoom members will earn 1 Nojoom Point for every QR 6 spent at Fnac.

  • Nojoom Members visit Fnac
  • Upon payment, member must inform staff that he is a Nojoom member
  • Staff member will ask for the QID or mobile number to be entered in the system
  • If the member for any reason doesn’t have his/her QID with him/her and didn’t provide his mobile number, the member must bring the QID along with the invoice up to 1 month from the day the purchase was made to earn Nojoom Points.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Nojoom points cannot be earned and combined with any other promotion