Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Ooredoo’s corporate governance practices provide a foundation that ensures the stability and security of the company in challenging times, and in times of high growth.

Ooredoo cultivates a corporate culture bound by highest professional standards in the field of work. The Board of Directors and senior management team share the commitment to implement effective corporate governance and best practices, which ultimately, enhances shareholders’ interests.

Our objective is to ensure the application of the highest principles of Corporate Governance and ethical behavior in the entire company, including the implementation on the best practices in line with the financial markets requirements where Ooredoo is listed.

Ooredoo ensures that the Corporate Governance principles and policies implemented in the company's are the basis for every decision to be made, and any action implemented at the level of Ooredoo group.


- Articles of Associations

- Corporate Governance Guidelines (Arabic)

- Corporate Governance Report 2020 (English)

- Corporate Governance report 2019 (English)

- Corporate Governance report 2018 (English)

- Corporate Governance Report 2017 (Arabic)

- Corporate Governance Report 2016 (Arabic)

- Corporate Governance Report (Arabic)

- Code of Business Ethics and Conduct