Deposit / Withdraw

Cash Deposit/ Withdraw

Your Ooredoo Money Wallet (OM Wallet) is your gateway to a world of unmatched convenience, ease and security.

Ooredoo Money Wallet is a virtual account tied to your Mobile number that allows you to deposit, access or withdraw money using your Ooredoo mobile phone. Money is stored safely with QNB and is always visible to you through your mobile phone.

It is safe and secure - access to your OM Wallet is protected by a 4-digit mPIN that only you know.

Once you have money in your Ooredoo Money Wallet you only need to press a few buttons on your Ooredoo mobile phone to instantly access services such as sending money to any Ooredoo subscriber within Qatar, sending money overseas to 196 counties through MoneyGram, Transfer money to your QNB account, and across the world in seconds, topping-up Hala or paying Shahry bills, Cash Withdrawal at QNB ATMs.


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Ooredoo Money App

Download our Ooredoo Money App and send money instantly on the go. Available for iOS and Android.