Calling Cards

Calling Cards

Call Home With the New QR 5 Dawli Card!

To make sure everyone can call their loved ones, we’ve launched the new Dawli QR 5 International Calling Card!*

This is our lowest ever international calling top-up option for Hala customers and offers 30 minutes to ring:

  • India,
  • Nepal Telecom Numbers,
  • Philippines Globe Telecom Numbers**,
  • Pakistan,
  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia

*Dawli QR 5 International Calling Card minutes will be valid for use on the day of activation only.

**For calls to the Globe Network in the Philippines, please dial prefix 17710063xxxxxxxxxx

Purchase your card today at any Ooredoo Shop or authorised dealer. To activate the card simply scratch off the secret panel to reveal the voucher number or QR code and follow the instructions on the back of the card to redeem your international call minutes.

Dawli Cards

Try Our Dawli 20 Special Card

Try Our Dawli 20 Special Card
38 International Minutes

38 International
15 Countries

15 Countries

With QR20 Dawli International Calling Cards you can call Egypt, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Jordan, Turkey, Bahrain, U.A.E, India, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

To activate the card all you need to do is SMS the voucher number to 127. Hala customers can dial *127* voucher number# for activation.

Grab a card and scratch it at any Ooredoo Shop or authorised dealer.

Dawli 20 value offer

Our international calling portfolio just got better thanks to the launch of our new ‘Value’ offer for Dawli 20 International Calling Cards!

You can now choose the international offer you need, depending on the country you call most.

With the new ‘Value’ offer, all Hala customers who purchase a Dawli 20 card and select the ‘Value’ option after activating the card can get up to 200 minutes depending on the calling destination.

Check out the new options below:

Country Network/Operator Value Offer minutes Validity of Value Offer minutes
14 days including day of activation
Nepal Telecom
Sri Lanka

Just purchase a Dawli QR 20 card via Ooredoo Dealers, activate it and select your Value Offer through the USSD menu by dialling *120#.

Dawli Cards

Dawli Cards

Prepaid calling cards that can be used from any Ooredoo mobile or landline.

Prepaid calling cards that can be used from any Ooredoo mobile or landline.
Countries Peak Off-Peak
GCC Countries QR1.00/min QR0.50/min
Arab Countries QR1.50/min QR1.00/min
Africa QR1.75/min QR1.25/min
Americas QR1.50/min QR1.00/min
Asia QR1.75/min QR1.25/min
Europe QR1.50/min QR1.00/min
Australia and Oceania QR1.50/min QR1.10/min
Zone Asia Card MENA Card Tariff
Zone 1 Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan Thailand, Nepal & Bhutan. Egypt, Sudan & Syria QR0.49/min
Zone 2   Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Palestine & Yemen QR0.69/min
Zone 3   Algeria, Morocco, Somalia & Tunisia QR0.99/min
Calls to countries outside the Card Zone are charged at QR 2.00/min, any time of the day.

Grab one from any of our shops, Ooredoo Self Service Machines, or authorised dealers. Call 2002 (free of charge) to access the Dawli Card Service from any Ooredoo phone.

Surcharges apply to the following countries: A surcharge of QR1.5/min applies to calls made to Sao Tome and Principe, St Helena, Cuba, Diego Garcia, Australian Exterior Territories, Nauru, Wallis & Futuna Islands A surcharge of QR0.50/min applies to calls made to Greenland, Somalia and Liechtenstein. This will be automatically deducted at the time of calling and is per minute.


The above prices are subject to change without any prior notice. For continuous updates, please call our Ooredoo's customer service center at 111 or visit any of our Ooredoo Shops or authorised dealers available throughout Qatar.


A prepaid calling card that can be used anywhere anytime from any telephone, whether at home or even a payphone, to call local mobile or any destination in the world.


Just scratch-off the panel of the rear of the card to check your personal access code. Simply dial 2006 and follow the voice instructions.