Infrastructure as a Service

Managed Infrastructure Services

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Deploy virtual servers dedicated to your business’s computing needs, with various options for CPU, RAM and storage requirements, and access and administer your virtual servers over the internet using Remote Desktop Services.

Ooredoo Virtual Dedicated Servers Price Plans:


  Price Plan 1 Price Plan 2 Price Plan 3 Price Plan 4
CPU 1 2 4 4
RAM-GB 1 2 2 4
Storage 40 GB 80 GB 160 GB 320 GB
Internet Usage 50 GB/month 80 GB/month 160 GB/month 200 GB/month
Extra Bandwidth QR1.4/GB QR1.2/GB QR1/GB QR0.8/GB
1 year contract QR 400/month QR 700/month QR 1000/month QR 1300/month
2 year contract QR 360/month QR 630/month QR 900/month QR 1170/month
3 year contract QR 320/month QR 560/month QR 800/month QR 1040/month

Managed Storage

Managed Storage is available in portions of 250GB as minimum.


Installation Fees QR3,000/Host
Monthly Rental - 1 year contract QR 4.0/GB QR 3,000/TB
Monthly Rental - 2 year contract QR 3.6/GB QR 2,700/TB
Monthly Rental - 3 year contract QR 3.2/GB QR 2,400/TB