Host your IT infrastructure in our enterprise-grade facilities

The Ooredoo Co-location service helps you safeguard your servers, applications and data with the highest levels of security, infrastructure availability, redundancy and disaster recovery options.


The Ooredoo Co-location service includes:

  • Hosting Facility

    Get access to:
    • White space or racks in three different sizes, hosted in our secured facilities
    • Dual 32A single-phase AC power feeds (intelligent monitored zero-U vertical power strips)
    • Raised floor with robust point load rating
    • Electronically-controlled environment according to best practices
    • A host of monitoring services
  • Premium Support

    You will also be able to contact our Customer Service Desk 24/7 365 days a year, to report any issues, be notified about incidents, and get updates on the status of the resolution.
  • Operation Reports

    Monthly Operation Reports will also be sent containing monthly usage and detailed monitoring information.

Benefit from the Ooredoo Advantage