Business Mobile Broadband

We’ve created five new Mobile Broadband Packs for you to enjoy, from QR99 to QR500 per month.
Decide how much you use the internet then choose which pack suits you best,
and take advantage of our special introductory offers too!
Enjoy our Supernet at phenomenal speeds from day one with our new plans.

Experience a never-ending internet connection

Endless 90

  • 8 GB (T&C)
    At full speed

    Endless GB at 64kbps
  • QR 90

Endless 120

  • 12 GB (T&C)
    At full speed

    Endless GB at 64kbps
  • QR 120

Unlimited Lite

  • Unlimited GB (T&C)

  • 100 GB - full speed
    300 GB – 1 Mbps
    Endless GB at 64kbps
  • QR 250

Unlimited Standard

  • Unlimited GB (T&C)

  • 200 GB - full speed
    200 GB – 15 Mbps
    Endless GB at 64kbps
  • QR 350

Unlimited Max

  • Unlimited GB (T&C)

  • 500 GB - full speed
    Endless GB at 64kbps
  • QR 500


Need your high-speed connection back?

We’ve got a special rated Speed Booster for you!

If you want to restore your speed before your monthly allowance is renewed, you can add:

  • To activate your selected Speed Booster, Please send the activation code to 114.

  • To deactivate your speed Booster Pack, Send STOP SB to 114.

*Note: Speed boosters will not be refunded once deactivated.

No More Extra Charges with Mobile Broadband Packs! You can enjoy pack allowance with a super-fast 4G+ connection and once the pack is consumed, you’ll be able to continue using the internet at no extra cost at a lower (up to) 64 kbps speed until your monthly allowance is renewed.

  • Mobile Broadband Lite: gives you 100 GB at full speed, then the maximum speed will reduce to 1Mbps. After reaching 400 GB you will get unlimited GB at 64 Kbps.
  • Mobile Broadband Standard: gives you 200 GB at full speed, then the maximum speed will reduce to 15Mbps. After reaching 400 GB you will get unlimited GB at 64Kbps.
  • Mobile Broadband MAX: gives you 500 GB at full speed, after reaching 500 GB you will get unlimited GB at 64 Kbps.
  • Ooredoo will fully reimburse customers for this service offering if they are unable to consistently receive service in locations that Ooredoo advertises as covered during the minimum commitment period.
  • Mobile Data usage will be included in customer's Shahry Monthly bill. This will also detail all mobile data usage in excess of the customer's data allowance.
  • An up-to-date 3G and 4G map can be found on the Ooredoo website here.
  • Download and upload usage while Roaming will not be debited against customer's monthly data allowance.
  • There will be no carry over of monthly data allowance to the next pack cycle.
  • Customer on all packs, except for the unlimited pack, will experience speed reduction up to 64 Kbps speeds once they have spent their data allowance. Customers will not be charged anything extra with the reduced speed, and will have unlimited data.
  • Customers currently not having any Mobile Internet Pack (MIP) subscription will enjoy immediate activation when subscribing to new Endless Internet Packs. Customers having a MIP subscription will get their data plan changed right after active MIP expire.
  • Customers with other Data offers and promotions will have them discontinued once they activate the new Endless Internet Packs.:
    • In case customer has any kind of promotional data offer granting free of charge usage for any duration, this offer will be cancelled at the time of subscription to the new Endless Internet Packs.
    • If customer has a promotional data offer in combination with a Mobile Internet Packs (MIP) subscription then the new Endless Internet Packs subscription cancels the free data offer and the old MIP subscription at the expiry of active MIP subscription.
  • The new Endless Internet packs are valid for 30 calendar days and renew automatically.
  • Fair Usage Policy: The Unlimited Service plan is offered for reasonable use only. Excessive use of the service beyond that which in Ooredoo’s reasonable discretion, is used for normal consumer service and which, as a result has the potential to negatively impact the quality of service available to other Ooredoo subscribers, may result in the suspension, speed throttling, traffic shaping or termination of the service.