Why Choose Ooredoo TV

Why Choose Ooredoo tv

The best in Drama, Comedy and documentaries. We have the lastest films, live sport and the best movies on demand service. If you want more sport, and movies we have it.

Entertainment Applications

Turn any TV into an “app-enabled” smart TV! Access a growing library of hand-picked apps and enjoy entertainment for the whole family.

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MBC HD Channels – EXCLUSIVELY available on Ooredoo tv

Ooredoo tv customers can enjoy unsurpassed coverage of a huge range of award-winning MBC content, such as “Bab Al Hara”, “Omar”, “The Voice Ahla Sawt”, “Arabs Got Talent”, “Arab Idol” and more.

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On Demand

We have all the recent blockbusters at your finger tips. Clubs: all our Extra’s come with Ooredoo tv Club inclusive, unlimited movies on demand at no additional cost.

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Pause and catch-up live TV

Need a break? You can pause live tv channels for up to 20 minutes with Ooredoo tv, and resume from the point of pausing.

Missed it? Don’t worry, you can catch-up with latest shows from the last two days! Skip backwards 20 minutes at a time on channels with catch-up by holding the left directional key on your remote control.

Parental Control

All our Entertainment channels and Movies on Demand can be blocked for viewing based on 6 Parental control settings - PG–15, PG-13, PG, G, Not Rated, Restricted.

Check Out Our New ‘Kids Mode’!

Kids Mode is our newest feature for Ooredoo tv which has been developed for our young viewers.

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Ooredoo tv App

Download the app on your phone or tablet and never miss live tv or movies within our clubs wherever you are! Entertainment in your hand.

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Multi Room Experience

Want to have Ooredoo tv in another room ?
Get another Ooredoo tv box in your home and pay only QR 99 per month additional and access the same channels / packages that you have subscribed on your primary Ooredoo tv box.

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Find channels

Convenience at your fingertips! Head to the ‘Live TV’ tab to check out your most frequently-watched channels.

Desperate for some sporting action? Need to find the kids channel, or want to stay up-to-date with the latest News? Simply press the ‘Options’ button twice to filter Ooredoo tv channels.

Collect & Go

Get Ooredoo tv today! - Fibre Broadband and Mozaic customers may simply visit any retail shop and collect today a free Ooredoo tv Play device. Go home, connect it into our Fibre network and start the enjoyment! No more waiting for an installation.