New Flexi Cards

Get our best rates ever with the new Flexi Card!

The new Hala Flexi Card is our strongest card ever. You can use it any way you want: for local data, calls, SMS and even international calls. The flexibility is amazing and the prices are even better!

Why is Flexi Card so good?

  • Full flexibility
  • Amazing rates
  • No contract, no commitment
  • You can check the balance via Ooredoo App

To make sure that everyone can call home, stay connected in Qatar, and enjoy the internet, we’ve launched the new Hala Flexi 5 Card – our lowest costing Flexi Card yet!

Hala Flexi Cards are now eligible to add line validity to Hala accounts!

All Flexi Card denominations will add line validity for Hala customers who top-up, Flexi card 5 will add validity until midnight of recharge day and a Flexi Card 10 will add 2 days including recharge day of line validity, Flexi 20 will add 7 days and Flexi 60, 100, 150 or 200 will add 30 days.

Previously, only Hala top-ups would give customers (who hadn't topped-up in a while) line validity, now anyone who recharges and activated a Flexi Card can enjoy.

But how does it work?

When you top up with Flexi Card, you get so called Flexi Points, which you can spend on local data, calls, SMS and even international calls.
If you make a local call, you will only spend one point per minute. Calls to India, for instance, are also just 1 point/minute. 1 GB of local data costs 143 points.
Points are valid for 30 days excluding the day of activation.

Activation of Cards:

Simply dial *127*PIN# or send the PIN to 127 as an SMS for activation.

Balance Check:

Check your Points Balance on Ooredoo App or by dialing *129*3#

International Mins

Ranges from 1 – 65 points/min

Check Flexi points for your desired country

{{}} - {{countryCheck.flexPoints}} points / min

Local Data

0.14 point / MB

Local Mins

1 point / Minute

Local SMS

1 point / SMS

Explore illustration for your Flexi Points consumption

Flexi Card truly offers some of our best rates. Select the country for the effective calling rate.

Get your Flexi Card today via the Ooredoo App, Ooredoo Website or an authorised dealer.

Flexi 5

QR 5

Flexi 10

QR 10

Flexi 20

QR 20

Flexi 60

QR 60

Flexi 100

QR 100

Flexi 150

QR 150

Flexi 200

QR 200

International Calls

{{}} point(s) / min - Equivalent to {{countryCalculate.flex5}} {{countryCalculate.flex10}} {{countryCalculate.flex20}} {{countryCalculate.flex60}} {{countryCalculate.flex100}} {{countryCalculate.flex150}} {{countryCalculate.flex200}} QR


Local Data

Local Calls & SMS

Selected Pack :

Flex 60 100 150 200

Allocated Flex points :

{{flex}} pts

the allocated flex points will be consumed accordingly with the use on international calls , local calls , data & SMS


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Flexi Points can be used on voice calls (local and international), local SMS and local data.
Validity: QR 60, 100, 150 and 200 are valid for 30 days. QR5 card is valid until midnight of recharge day, QR 10 Card is valid for 2 days including activation day, QR 20 Card is valid for 7 days (6 days + Day of activation).
There are seven denominations: QR 5,10, 20, 60, 100, 150 and 200.
No Flexi Points cannot be used while roaming?
Yes, you can activate multiple cards. The points will be accumulated for the cards activated.
No, Flexi is currently available with Hala and Hala Go only
Please refer our section on ‘How Flexi Works’. All details on point consumption for local usage and international calls is mentioned in the section
No, the amount is non-refundable
Flexi Points are transferrable only in cases where Hala or Hala Go customers and transferring ownership of their service.
The points cannot be transferred in case of migration from Hala to Shahry
No, line validity is unchanged with Flexi Card top-ups
Hala and Hala Go lines should be active to use Flexi Cards and Points
You purchase a 100 QR Flexi Card. You receive 1000 Flexi points. With these Flexi Points, you can enjoy, for instance,
- 2 GB of local data (286 points),
- plus 600 minutes to India (600 points)
- 114 minutes of local calls on top of it! (114 points)
You purchase a 60 QR Flexi Card. You receive 500 Flexi Points. With these Flexi Points, you can enjoy, for instance,
- 1 GB of local data (143 points)
- plus 150 minutes to Nepal (300 points)
- plus 57 minutes of local calls on top of it! (57 points)
You purchase a 200 QR Flexi Card. You receive 3,100 Flexi Points. With these Flexi Points, you can enjoy, for instance,
- 10 GB of local data (1429 points)
- plus 600 minutes of calls to Bangladesh (1,200 points).
- plus 471 minutes of local calls on top of it! (471 points)
Customers can activate multiple Flexi Cards and carry forward points in case subsequent card is activated before the expiry of currently active card. Any remaining Flexi Points in a customers account will be forfeited in case active line validity expires before the expiry of the Flexi card and will not be refunded even if line is reactivated.

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