Out of Country Disaster Recovery

About OOC DR – Out of Country Disaster Recovery

Does your company want total peace of mind? Ooredoo offers a global solution.

Our Out of Country Disaster Recovery (OOC DR) solution provides managed hosting and co-location at three key global destinations in East Asia (Singapore), Europe (London), and America (Santa Clara), with a range of global connectivity options including MPLS, global dedicated ethernet and internet VPN services.

A comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution is increasing becoming mandatory for companies as part of compliance and data protection regulations in Qatar and around the world – and Ooredoo is here to help.

By providing you with an instant link to three top-tier Data Centres, the service means you can be sure you will have access to your systems and the capacity to recover all data – even if your own data centre is damaged by fire, flood or natural disaster. By hosting critical IT infrastructure at the geographically-separate Data Centres, you will have total protection in an emergency.

Ooredoo Smart Solution offers comprehensive protection for your data through globally-recognised and Tier-III+, ISO, SAS70, ITIL Certified Data Centres. The OOC DR solution provides exceptional support for fixed, mobile and Internet users, and enables instant data replication across international borders.

The Solution Offers

DR Colocation Space in a Tier 3+ IDC

Ooredoo offers strategically-located IDCs for better connectivity, in completely different seismic zones.

DR Colocation Space with Caged

Ooredoo offers DR Colocation space with multiple options for caged.

Internet Connectivity

The connectivity will be defined based on various packages / offering / customer requirement from a Tier 1 network operator.

MPLS Connectivity

Domestic / international MPLS connectivity will be extended to DR location for seamless service offering when a DR scenario is declared.

Replication link on High Capacity Ethernet service

For DC – DR replication dedicated links would be provisioned. Identified partner is a world leader in dedicated Ethernet and wholesale subsea cable capacity.

Remote Hand Support

Local support at DR Location on request and billed on hourly basis.

Benefit from the Ooredoo Advantage