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Ooredoo Launches New Cyber-Security Campaign to Make Companies aware of Online Threats

Company Providing a Range of Tools to Protect Against Ransomware and Malware, Following Resurgence of Dangerous “Shamoon” Virus

1 / 2 / 2017
Doha, Qatar
With the resurgence of a serious virus impacting companies and organisations in the GCC, Ooredoo has today issued a warning to companies about the importance of being aware of, and protected against, internet threats. 
According to news reports in the region, the Shamoon 2 malware – which overwrites computer hard disks and disrupts networks – has been detected in a number of email attachments and targeted email attacks in January. 
In 2012, Shamoon was used in a huge cyber-attack on companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, partially wiping and even destroying more than 35,000 computers. The detection of the virus on a number of new emails circulating in the GCC region should act as a warning for companies to update their security protocols and processes.
At Ooredoo, which provides security solutions and network protection for large and leading enterprises across Qatar, security experts are already working to ensure that all systems are updated and all employees informed about the risks of this virus. 
Yousuf Abdulla Al-Kubaisi, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “Security is one of the highest priorities for businesses today, and it’s essential that our customers are fully aware of the threats that are on the horizon. Ooredoo is starting 2017 with a robust communications campaign designed to alert people about the dangers of malware and ransomware, and to educate them about the tools that are available to keep company assets safe.” 
As well as publishing cyber-security tips for businesses on its LinkedIn page, Ooredoo is highlighting the benefits of its unified Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio, which offers the most comprehensive suite of security services available in Qatar, supported by world-class global security partners. 
The Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio is available via Qatar Data Centre, Ooredoo’s state-of-the-art facility that protects companies and organisations in Qatar with around-the-clock protection against breaches and cyber-attacks. 
By subscribing to MSS, companies can access the latest and most advanced security solutions without needing to invest in expensive hardware or bring in the highly qualified staff necessary to monitor and manage the security solutions. 
Ooredoo’s MSS portfolio provides a range of solutions, including the Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) which delivers comprehensive 24x7 security monitoring, incident detection and response across 750 supported systems, monitoring firewalls, servers, routers, databases and antivirus systems, which can detect and alert customers about Shamoon and similar malwares. 
“Our portfolio of cyber-security solutions was designed to offer a complete response to help ensure our nation’s data remains secure. We have solutions for every business, small or large, and can tailor security packages to fit specific businesses’ needs,” Yousuf Abdulla Al-Kubaisi concluded. 
In addition to the advanced solutions, Ooredoo can also provide security experts for consulting and management support, who can even be based on-site at customers’ premises as required.  
For full details of the solutions available, business customers can arrange a meeting with their Account Manager or ring the business team on 800 8000.