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Ooredoo Update on International and Local Calling Rates


Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo today confirmed their international calling rates for a number of global destinations will change to a new standardised rate of 99Dhs/min. The company is continuing to offer a wide range of international calling services that enable customers to enjoy more value on international calls.

This rise in price is a response to the increasing costs of terminating overseas calls, which is an issue effecting the industry globally.

The new standardised prices will apply from 1 November 2013.

Ooredoo also clarified that its local calling rates are not changing, and that it continues to offer the best value for calls within Qatar.

Landline-to-landline calls continue to be free with Ooredoo.

Hala customers enjoy local calling rates of QR 0.55 per minute and Shahry customers QR 0.35 per minute for voice calls on Ooredoo.

In addition, Shahry Pack customers can take advantage of Ooredoo’s Shahry Unlimited promotion, giving unlimited free calls to any landline or mobile in Qatar until 19 December.

For international calls, Ooredoo continues to launch new and exciting services, designed to offer more choice and better value.

The new Hala International Saver Key enables Hala customers to unlock the international call rate of 60Dhs per minute and 45Dhs per SMS to 121 countries around the world – a major saving on the standard international rate.

The International Saver Key costs QR1 a week and is available to all Hala customers.

The key can be activated by simply sending the SMS ‘ISK’ to 121.

Ooredoo’s ‘Friends & Family’ service allows customers to select three international numbers and receive a 25% discount on the international calling rates that would normally apply to these calls.

The ‘Friends & Family’ service cost QR10 a month and can be activated by dialling *100# and accessing the “My Services” menu.

The India International Pack allows Hala customers to call India for only 19Dhs/min – the best rate in Qatar.

To subscribe to the Hala India Pack, customers can SMS ‘IND’ to 121, and the pack is valid for 7 days and will be automatically renewed for QR1 per week.

Shahry customers can enjoy the International Key for Shahry Packs, which turns all local allowances for calls, SMS/MMS into international traffic.

The service costs QR100 each month and customers can call locally or internationally using your inclusive bundle minutes and SMS/MMS.

This Key provides one of the best per minute rates for international calls in the whole region, particularly for customers using the largest packs which offer bundles of up to 6,500 minutes, MMS and SMS per month.

These are a just few of the exciting international offers available, enabling customers to take advantage of the best value deals for money.

Ooredoo is continuing to develop new services for customers, enabling them to adapt their Hala or Shahry service to best suit their monthly needs.

The full list of countries and related price changes is available at http://www.ooredoo.qa/en/regulatory#.

Full details of Ooredoo’s service plans, pricing, international call rates and all other offers is available at www.ooredoo.qa